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The effects of a material object on the life of any human being is known as “VASTU”.

The affects of the vastu is depend upon the equal balance of air, water and the sunlight. Whenever there is among these, the effects will be either favorable or adverse for you.

If we look at the map of India, we finds that heavy mountains are placed in the north of India while in the south India’s major portion is surrounded by the ocean. In both of the situation India is placed opposite to the Vastu. Which adversly affects India economically. According to vastu shastra, the geographical location of India is the reason why every time India suffers at the land foreign country’s invention, intrasion and attacks.

In every Vastu, there are two types of vibes- one is the positive and the other is negative.The simplest rule of Vastu is that, when positive Vastu is kept in positive direction then only one can became positive.

If anyone of the planet is bad in your birth chart then you can’t progress. Whatever you do to place it in the right direction or whatever the rules of vastu you follow.

Here we will provide you vaastu remedies according to your birth chart .

We will let you know that how you can design your house or working place which will reduce your effortswhile giving you more benefits without destroying any building or house.

In which direction placing a door will increase your economic benefits.

.Which colour you should use in your working area?

. What are the things which can economically benefit you?

. In which direction, which colour you should use?

. Note:- Please provide your Property diagram and pictures.. sent our mail id [email protected]

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