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What is your name?

Is it suitable with your birth details. What are the importance related to the name?

What are the introduce to name a person?

The name or the first letter of a name itself introduced you to someone. It is the first identity given to anyone. From the begining of a life to till the death and after death generation to generation, if someone remembers you is through name.

Many of time question arises that whether your name should be according to your birth rashi or not?

Shashtra describes two types of rashi first is the birth(janm) rashi and second is the name(naam) rashi, which means that the shashtra consideres name rashi different from the birth rashi. Shashtra aslo tells us that as for the marriage muhurat name rashi is useful, mundan and for the nav greh pravesh birth rashi is useful.

There are 3 nakshatra in 1 rashi and every nakshatra’s are 4 charan and every charan has one word.

Here we suggest you to name a person on the basis of the “nakshatra lord" and Rashi God” as well as on considering the basis of positive and negative effects of both the houses.

A person should be named on the basis of their good or positive planets so that they can get energy of good planet as well as the name of a person should be different from their birth rashi. So that if “sade sati” reaches on birth rashi or if any planet become malefic, then the positive effect of the name rashi neutralises the bad affects.

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