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Maritial Life Astrology

Maritial Life Astrology

Marriage is just like a re-birth for every indivduals in their life.

Kundali milan is done by the parents of both family (in future bride and groom) so that they (bride & groom) may live happily together forever.

Now a new trend has started for kundali milan, in which “guns” are matched in “gun milan” which is totally wrong and inappropriate according to me.

I personally experienced marriage occassions in which only 4 guns were matched and that marriage succeded. I also experienced marriage ceremoniesin which 28 guns were matched but failed and finally got divorced.

There is no guarantee for successful marriage based on the gun milan.

So, the basic thing which we should strictly follow during kundali milan are as follows:Both of them respects one other parents.

Both of their file supports each other. Both of them having long life span. Both are having favourable condition for having offspring.

Both are lucky for each other. There is no chance for second marriage. Both of them provide happiness to each other.

So, if you want to know about your married life, come to us, before it is too late.

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