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Jain Astrology

Jain Astrology

Abhishak Astrologer had studied Jain Darshan or Jain Jyotish through which you can get Jain Darshan’s solutions for many of your problems. Abhishek astrologer are in regular touch with many Jain monks and Acharaya’s and have gained lots of knowledge about Jain Darshan.

Jain Astrology is based on your positive & Negative Karma. Planets are only the Indicators......

Abhishek Astrologer teaches astrology to many jain monks.

He is in regular touch with many of the Jain Monks. Aacharya Sri Vishudh sagar ji, Upadhyaye Nayan Sagar ji, Muni sri Prassan sagar ji & Many Monks who visited North India in recent few days earlier.

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