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Health Astrology

Health Astrology

"Sharir vyadi mandiram" 

We are about to talk, from time to time, we become troubled by our sinfulness. There are three types of diseases in ayurveda:-



If these three are less or more, any disease is born that is the rule of Ayurveda. What is the deficiency of which element in your body, it depends on the planets on the planet of your birth, seven main planet contracts seven dhatoo- mass majja, rakt, bone, nerves, fat , sperm. Astrology by analysing your birth chart/ kundali, which disease are you? Or What food you would like to take? What do you want to avoid? Which treatment will give you more benefits? 

Which weather is harmful to you, if a person is more influenced by the moon or the moon is weak then that person will have the primacy of cough. Due to low fire element we face the problem of cough-- thats’ why Cough & cold will be repeated.

Humidity in the atmosphere is controlled the moon, because of change in season or rain-- the person’s digestive system is weak because fire will not be enough to digest food.

From the point of Astrologer, what element would increase or decrease in your body? What time do you take treatment? What precautions to keep? Our astrologer will help to give all the details of all these things.

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