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Sleep is the natural law of life. You can get many solutions of a problem through dream.

Dream is a mirror of your life, of your emotions or thoughts, on which you don’t have your control.

The Ramayana mentions about the dreams of ‘Bharat and Trijata’ which they dream before the death of his father Dashrat and Ravana.

Dreams helps you know about your present and future. Now a days many of the western scientists have proved that you get many vibrations during your sleep through your sub conscious mind.

Through dream you can understand the predetermine events fixed by the god, that are about to happen in the near future of your life.

If some sees the god or the Holy Place in their dreams, it signifies that some good is about to happen in their life and they will be graced by the God while if someone sees snake in their dreams, it signifies that some good is about to happen or some thing bad is about to happen or some unidentified enemies are here who are trying to harm.

We find a lot of incidents/examples in the history in which in future events were prelisted through dream interpretation. We also gets indication about the death, misfortune or any god’s will through our dream. So, it is necessary to understand these indications and take correct decision before some real misfortune occurs to us.

Nothing is waste in this world but we missed to understand their logic and secrets. We are here to describe your dream interpretation after a long research n results.

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