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Remedies like an umbrella or raincoat in the rain.

Everything is predetermined by the God, but only by praying to the God making donations following “Homa and Chanting” one can generate extra energy to remove all the obstacles as well as evil faces which can harm you or hamper your progress.

The above mentioned tricks will boost your confidence and will give give you courage to handle all the adverse situations and will make favorable conditions more suitable to you. Come to us, here we will let you know that what are the remedies according to your birth planet “dasha” and “tansit”.

Which type of remedies give you prosperity in life?

Which remedies will help you to recover from loss or damages?

Which gemstone suits you?

Which colour is preferable for you?

Which “Devta” and what are the “Mantras” that suits you according to your birth chart?

Is there any family -relations created by the god is working as remedies in your life or not?

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