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What is Muhurat (auspicious time)?

Why muhurat and other specialisation are looked after?

There has been a long tradition on ancient Indian vedic sabhyata, in which before the start of any auspicious work on auspicious time(muhurat) has been given due preference to make that auspicious occasion succeeds in near future and becomes beneficial to us. Muhurat is considered as an important aspect to make any work successful. Muhurat is the begining of an event or work which enhances the benefits or beneficial to the work.

For the general muhurat - Muhurat chintamani, Narad sahinta, Muhrat ganpati, Muhurat kalpdrum and etc is considered appropriate one.

A good muhurat is just like a “Diya” "light" which while enlighting burn itself but always shows the path. A good muhurat not only saves us from incoming damages, loss, agression, anger bad evils but also beings to us happy moments and enhance the happiness.

Note for Marriage Muhurat

The marriage muhurat is chosen according to the shastra, in which rashi of the in future Groom and Brude are decided separately on the basis of their respective name and then the muhurat of both the individuals are matched by the priest and the intellectuals precisely.

For the Groom the position of the sun with moon is considered while for the Bride the position of guru with the moon is considered.

After calculating the full day, 2 hours are decides as an auspicious time(muhurat) in which “phere” is done, which is considered as very important in the Hindu mythology.

Here, we calculate and decides muhurat on your date of birth and planets in which that time will be special muhurat for you and from that muhurat we takes out the special muhurat in which your planets (grah) will be in a good position and which will help you fulfill your wishes.

Amrit siddhi yog

Amrit Siddhi yog is one among the best muhurat in which all the new work/ business can be started, is an auspicious time to visit an officials, to buy any precious article/ thing/ material, to start any profession to put a foundation stone for new business, opening a shop, grah pravesh(new house entry), to make utensils, a muhurat can be used in any of these works.

Work started in this muhurat will work as “Amrit” through which you will get happiness and move towards the enhancement of peace.

Shop opening Muhrat

Everyone dreams of having their business, a shop opening muhurat can enhance the chances of fulfilling your dream comes true. The important thing in opening a shop or starting one’s own business is to regulate business through which one can earn regular profits. For this very purpose the “shashtras” places “char lagan”, here the term char means speed/run. We will let you know the appropriate time according to your name and birth detail. Your business or first sell or to operate machine so that production gets started and it enhances your business and gives regular profits.

Navgreh pravesh muhrat

According to the shastras, a new house, is that in which a person comes for the first time to reside in. However, if someone had already lived in at that place earlier and comes back again to settle down there it will not be Known as Navgreh Pravesh. Sthirta(stability) has been given due importance in the Shastra during Greh Pravesh. So, before entering a new house a muhurat is decided on the basis of your name and date of birth that at what time you can enter your new house with stable elements. During that stable the lady of that family first cooks some sweet dish and serves it to the priest as “bhog” and afterward serves it to the rest of family member. So, lets try to find to find out that what is the special Muhurat with special timings to you.

Special Notes:

Shastra tells us about Navratra, Basant panchmi, Akshay tritiya, Vijay dasmi, Devuthan ekadashi, gudhal navmi are called sarvmanye ansujh (ever green Muhrat any one can use it for any rituals).

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