Our Blog :-What is prayer?

06 Jan

What is prayer?

Thought of prayer itself is positive energy. So Prayer is the very soul and essence of religion and belief, and therefore prayer must be the very core of the life of human.

Prayer is a door way via which we humbly communicate, worship, and sincerely seek God's blessings, knowing and firmly believing that he hears us, loves us, cares for us and will respond us with blessings in some or other way he seems good for us.

Prayers are so powerful that, a dedicated prayer can turn even such things in favor which cannot be achieved by Pooja Tantra mantra and path.

So how should one pray?

Dedication is soul of a prayer. The prayers of those who firmly believe and pray are surely heard by god. Prayer is not mere a religious request to god but it compromises of uplifting mind-soul by shedding of human echo while trying to connect with divine power. So while praying, one should just aim to get immerse in only one thought of God.  

There is deep science associated with power of prayers as this is the means that can give experience of soulful connection with God.

Many times people get confused and question us, what is difference between prayer and pooja?

My simple answer to them is, same as difference between a child and a merchant/trader because while you pray your stay humble, you never insist for anything you just try to get one with God and that is true dedication. While pooja is like a deal where you expect something in return or you demand something while you offer milk, fruit flowers over an idol of God.

The language of prayer is a language of heart, and the only prayer has strength to rediscover a person.

Prayers do miracles and there are many examples not only in Hindu religion but in all faiths, Krishna appeared to rescue Dropadi due to her prayers. Christians too gather in church in huge number for common prayers. There is a simple tradition in each religion that is to pray as prayer is true medium to connect god.

In opinion of Psychologist, prayers can do wonders, prayers produces positive energy, it revitalizes negative energy to positive energy thus putting enthusiasm and energy in one’s life

Pray daily to connect with God-You will be blessed