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06 Jan


Chanting of mantra has been one of the the  important concept worships since vedic times in Hindu culture. It is firmly believed that through mantra jaap, the devotee attains concentration and focus on the chosen deity. One can also attain peace of mind quickly by devoting through chanting of mantra. Prolong and constant practice of chanting Mantras give fruitful results as er wish of devotee and the inherent power of the Mantra can be awakened,
We all chant mantras but if keep certain things in mind and follow some rules while chanting Mantras, then we can reap true benefit from chanting of Mantras.

Basically (jaap (Mantrea chanting) is of three types, Vachik, Upanshu and Mansik
In vachik type of jaap, the chanting of Mantra is done in slow voice while Upanshu jaap is done in way that no other person can hear your chanting and in Mansik jaap, it is done peacefull mentally without moving lips and toungue and wothout any noice or activity.

Sequence wise Upanshu type of mantra chanting is considered good than Vachik jaap and again Mansik Jaap is considered as good practice than other two types of jaap.

Time of chanting of Mantra is an important factor to keep in mind before considering going for jaap.

Like, in morning one should chant mantras by helding hand in raised position while in evening, the jaap should be done holding hands in lower position and during afternoon jaap time, devotee should keep his hands in straight position.

In morning hours, hands should be held  near naval point, in afternoon hours during chanting of mantras hand should be kept near to heart and during evening jaap hands should be placed parallel to mouth.

Selection of place for jaap is a very important factor as chanting of mantras at different places yield different results.

It is believed that, a devotee can obtain multiple of one while performing jaap at home where as result for same jaap varies to hundred times if performed in Gaushala, when jaap is done in a sacred garden or prilgrimage place, devotee gets benefit to one thousand times, result further increases to ten thousand times if devotee chants jaap mantras on a mountain, one can get benefit upto one lakh times if jaap is performed near river banks, the jaap in mandir gives corer time benefits while one can get infinite benefits if he/she performs jaap near Shivling.

In order to keep count o jaap, a special pills compromising of Kush, Sindur, and dried dung are made and used.

The jaap is to be done holding jaap mala in right hand and the devotee should make use of thumb and index finger for counting, at most care is to be taken that another finger does not touch jaap mala.one should always be careful to cover the palm with a clean cloth.

You should always be calm while chanting mantras and should refrain yourself from anger, making movements or talking, always think positive and do not let any rubbish thoughts enter your mind while performing jaap.

According to religious books, jaap should be performed with full faith, devotion, concentration and patience; it is believed that without all above factors, a devotee cannot get full flesh results of jaap.

Herewith are 12 points to be remembered and followed before going for jap,

1)    Timing:
Morning hour between 4 am and 5 am that is before Sunrise are considered best for jaap, however evening time(pradosh kaal) before night and during sunset is also considered good for jaap.

2)    If one cannot follow these jaap timing he/she can chant mantras before going to bed.

3)    One should follow particular time daily for performing jaap.

4)    One should not change place of jaap frequently or once started performing jaap.

5)    It is advisable to use jaap mala made of Tulsi, Sandal and Saptik for better results.

6)    If you opt to perform jaap for specific reason, you should stick tp chant that particular mantra

7)    Try and select moist place or seat made of wooden to seat for jab and you should not use any seat made of synthetic material. You can also use mat for seating.

8)    Your face should be facing North or East while chanting mantra in day time and you should seat facing North in night time while seating for jaap.

9)    Select a place of solace going for jaap like remote silent house or Mandir

10)    While performing jaap in Mandir you should keep your head covered and you should also not let others to see your jaap mala

11)    You should use thumb and middle finger for jaap

12)    You should not slide over sumeru( knot on jaap mala)

Beside, you should use jaap malas made os priscribed specific materials for going for any specific purpose jaap
Seating posture is of very importance, you should opt Padmasan for jaap, hoever  you can seat in Siddhasan nd Padmasan.